Product Headline

Protecting what’s yours

You put locks on your doors, alarm systems on your buildings and store valuables in your safe. You align your measures with the potential threat. We help you do the same in the digital domain. 

Safekeep what needs to be protected at a reasonable cost

A design starts with the identified risks. What assets do you have and how valuable are they? Do you have any digital services that, if disrupted, could affect you negatively and how bad would that be? We don’t attempt to build a castle but put in place reasonable measures that help you protect what’s yours and sleep well at night.


Kavos provides a wide range of expertise that allows you to rely on Kavos to understand your entire IT landscape and design the network from the ground up to meet your unique needs, from on-premise to cloud, from network to systems and storage. Our security expertise spans your entire IT environment.

Product Capabilities

Security Design

A Kavos network design usually follows a security assessment in which we capture the short- and long-term business needs, your digital assets and services and the associated risks, providing us with a business-led foundation for a security design. Those requirements are subsequently translated into a “fit for purpose” design and documentation as well as associated recommendations whereby we focus on delivering a competitive technology solution for a SME price; no “bells and whistles”.







Following the design phase, Kavos can, if so desired, take on the implementation and deliver a fully functional disgital security environment.


Security Management

Managing IT Security Operations requires specific knowledge that most IT systems specialists do not poses. If you cannot or do not wish to manage you security infrastructure yourself, Kavos offers managed services whereby we operate the infrastructure on your behalf.