Product Headline

The backbone to your IT – we help keep it healthy

Your network infrastructure connects all your systems and connects you to the world. It is the backbone of your IT and your business. Just as you go for a regular checkup, it is advisable to check your network on a regular basis to ensure it is “fit for purpose”.

SME solutions

We live and breathe SME. We know Enterprise solutions don’t fit a SME budget or meet their needs. But that does not mean you need to miss out; on the contrary…

A focus on the business, not technology

IT is here to support your business, not the other way around. Let us find a solution that works for you!

Product Capabilities

Network Assessment Report

A Kavos network assessment provides a written report that helps you understand where you stand. No complicated ICT language, but clear and understandable language. As part of our network assessments we review your internet connection and security, your fixed and wireless infrastructure and match it against future plans and business continuity to provide you with a full assessment of where you stand. Where needed we provide concrete recommendations.






Take us by our word

Want us to implement what we recommend and share the responsibility for achieving the goal set? Take us by our word!