A customized private cloud for SME’s

Public Cloud offerings such as Azure, AWS or GCP may seem attractive at first sight and have low barriers to entry, but they require substantial skills to operate, they come with a lot of hidden costs and support is difficult to get for an SME in case of questions or problems. Kavos is a local provider with focus on SME’s. We build to your specification, provide advice, own the implementation and if needed operate the system on your behalf – all at a fixed cost for SME budget. Talk to us about your specific requirements.

Providing a solid SME Private Cloud including:

  • Rack space for cloud hosting your own systems
  • Bare metal systems
  • Wide range of server options based on MS Windows or Linux or application servers such as databases or e-mail servers as well as dedicated custom cloud storage solutions
  • Cloud Backup and Cloud Disaster Recovery
  • Design and Installation
  • Managed service options
  • A support team you can reach out to


Infrastructure as you go

If you have specific requirements for a project or wish to complement or replace your on-premise systems with cloud-based infrastructure, then “infrastructure as you go” is a cost-effective solution. Provisioned and managed by Kavos, ready to use as and whenever needed.





Built to specification

Whether you are running a range of standard business applications such as e-mail and databases or more specialized solutions for IoT, machine learning or other applications, your requirements will be unique for a private cloud. Kavos will work with you and build to your specifications to create the environment you need.