Secure DNS

Secure your environment by:

  • Performing a security assessment and developing a full security posture
  • Securing your internet access and e-mail
  • Securing your desktops and domain
  • Securing your DNS with Kavos Secure DNS
  • Contacting Kavos for free advice

Protect yourself against malware and ransomware

Don't be the next victim! Ransomware and malware are serious threats that all Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT's) warn of and the growth of attacks is still stunning. There are a number of steps you can take to reduce your attack surface Protect yourself from Ransomware. One key measure you can take is to ensure your systems don't connect to known sites that host malware and ransomware. That's what Kavos Secure DNS offers! Contact us to learn more!





Protect your office locations easily

With secure DNS we help you protect your office locations easily by configuring your firewall and/or DNS to use only secure DNS. No need to change all systems. Security made simple! Talk to us to learn more.

Protect your roaming devices

As with all security measures, if you do it, you need to do it right. This means that you need to secure any roaming devices such as laptops that leave the secure office environment as well. To meet this need, Kavos Secure DNS offers a roaming client that protects your laptops the same way as we protect your office environments. Let us show you how we can secure you!