Enterprise grade networking at SME price

Large enterprises tend to have the budget and in-house expertise to install and maintain complex enterprise grade equipment. However, unless you need all the “bells and whistles” SME’s can get very good quality networking at enterprise level performance and can apply enterprise best practises at SME price. Kavos has the expertise to provide you with an enterprise grade solution at SME price.

Lay a solid foundation for your IT infrastructure with:

  • Routers and Firewalls from Ubiquity Networks and MikroTik to fit any requirements
  • High-Performance SME Core Switches and Edge Switches from Ubiquity Networks and MikroTik
  • Network Threat Intelligence from ThreatSTOP to secure firewalls and DNS servers
  • Wireless Solutions LAN and Wireless Point to Point / Point to Multi-Point from Ubiquity Networks
  • Video Surveillance solutions from Ubiquity Networks
  • Optional administration, design, installation and support services on demand.

Network Security for SME

Information Security measures must be strengthened continuously because attack levels grow year on year and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated. According to Accenture, the average cost in time of a malware attack is 50 days and the average cost is US$ 2.4 Mio. The EU Directive on security of network and information systems (NIS Directive) is just one example of how concerned regulators have become. SME’s are equally exposed. Having a lower budget does not mean SME have to refrain from protecting themselves effectively. Kavos provides a suite of network security offerings that implement best practises at SME price.





Your network is your backbone

We tend to forget about our IT networks because they function so well generally, but they are the backbone of our IT infrastructure and business. Designing, implementing and maintaining IT networks require specialized skills as well as a good understanding of the business requirements and the systems using the network. Kavos designs, implements and maintains SME IT networks at SME price.

Wireless for your freedom of movement

The emergence of wireless networks provides us with freedom of movement, making it easier and simpler to remain connected all the time. However, company wireless networks also pose security risks if not secured and designed well. Performance can degrade quickly if these systems are not well designed and implemented by taking into account expected load, building layout and a range of other factors that can affect wireless performance. Kavos provides the expertise to help you design, implement and secure your wireless networks effectively without breaking the bank.