Hosting designed to suit your requirements

Kavos provides you with a full range of hosting options including optional managed operation - tailored to your needs, and GDPR compliance at a fair and guaranteed price. Talk to us about your requirements!

Get online with:

  • Custom hosted solutions ranging from single systems to entire private clouds
  • Optional hosted storage and backup / disaster recovery
  • Optional managed services for systems and security management
  • Fixed and reasonable pricing without costly surprises
  • Support you can talk to whenever needed!



Host your systems offsite

Don’t have the hardware available right now to run a system in your own environment? Do you need a system for a time-limited project? Or are you looking for an offsite disaster recovery infrastructure? We have you covered! Kavos provides custom virtual machines with a range of configuration options hosted in The Netherlands (EU). Contact us with your requirements!





Backup your critical data offsite but GDPR compliant

Having backups is a key necessity, but sometimes you would want to have an offsite storage provider or a cloud provider that gives you the ability to back up to a safe and GDPR compliant location operated by a provider you can call whenever you have a question. Kavos offers a range of options; talk to us about your needs.

Custom Solutions without the necessity to own and to operate hardware

Need a custom solution or a private cloud but don’t feel comfortable with one of the anonymous large cloud providers? Do you want to host with someone you know, you can call if you have an issue? Are you looking for guaranteed fixed cost without funny charges? Talk to us, we host and operate private cloud and custom solutions for a range of national and international clients.