Securing your desktop and keeping your data safe

Kavos provides you with a portfolio of services designed to keep your systems and data safe. Contact us to get expert advice and let us help you find the right solution for you; “no nonsense” as you would expect from us. 

Secure your desktop and data with:

  • Kaspersky Endpoint Protection to protect against viruses and malware
  • ThreatSTOP Endpoint Protection to protect against malicious sites and restricting access to known malicious domains
  • Desktop Backup using Backup Assist for Desktops and Servers or Nubaeculae Cloud Backup



Secure your system against viruses and malware

Threat levels are ever increasing and good protection against viruses and malware is no longer optional. Use the best in class solution to protect your system by choosing Kaspersky Endpoint Protection.

Why head into dark corners of the internet?

Modern Threat Intelligence allows us to understand which places of the internet are “bad neighbourhoods”. So why head there? By using ThreatSTOP threat protection, you can ensure that you won’t go there, even if you click on a “bad” link by accident.

Sleep well with a desktop backup

Things can go wrong, but you would not want to lose your business data due to system failure or ransomware and you certainly do not want to lose all of your personal data and memories. By using our backup solutions, we help you secure what is yours and keep it safe, just in case.